The American Advanced Technology & Cyber Security Institute and University provide programs and services related to the Mission Critical Operations (MCO) industry. At AATC, we are a cohort or group of like-minded industry experts that have recognized the urgent need for MCO training, and we volunteer together to create awareness of educational programs and resources for the support of the future our industry, and individuals seeking a career in Mission Critical Operations. The AATC Institute and other Independent Service Providers (ISP) or Certified Teaching Alliances (CTA) facilitate training and educational programs that serves the Data Center and Mission Critical Operations (MCO) Industry. 


 Not all ISP's and CTA's are Federally Recognized by the Department of Education (DOE), however, some are. Furthermore, AATC University does not teach, but is designed as part of a system that grants Mission Critical Industry (MCO) related degrees, but most importantly, AATC University is NOT degree granting mill. Currently, academia lacks providing formal MCO degrees specific to the Data Center industry, therefore, Leadership Logic Consulting has designed the AATC University system to eventually qualify for Federal Recognition for most of its programs and services. Until then, it will continue to serve as a catalyst with other institutions approved by the Department of Education (DOE).    

*Disclaimer: Leadership Logic and/or AATC University does not make any written or implied guarantees pertaining to degree completion or job placement.  The Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education (AACHE) Accreditation Commission was formed as an unincorporated alliance in support of this endeavor.

AATC Faculty

Dr. Tim Oergel

Founder & CEO - AATC/LLC 

Chairman of the Board of Regents

Dr. Dennis Cronin

Interim President

Vice Chairman

Tim Hensley

CFO / Adjunct Professor

Vice Chairman

Greg Crumption (D.MCO Candidate)

AATC Foundation

Vice Chairman

Carrie Goetz (D.MCO Candidate)


Vice Chairperson

Dr. Darrell Richardson

AATC Research & Development

Vice Chairman

Dr. Duraid Aljailawi

Adjunct Professor - Canada

Vice Chairman

Diane Keosky

AATC Registrar

Secretary to the Board of Regents

Dr. Robert Walker

Adjunct Professor

Vice Chairman